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Welcome In Young NRG Productions.

One of the most innovative labels in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989, is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka Dj Stex), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions,
Young NRG Productions offers a choice of 30 different musical genres from House, Electro, D’n’B, Breakbeat, Lounge, Chillout, ElectroHouse, Progressive,to list some.
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City Beats Vol 2

City Beats Vol 2

Breaks, Drum & Bass, Electro House


Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop
Pump It Up. YO!

Pump It Up. YO!

Breaks, Funk


Breaks, Drum & Bass, Funk, jungle
GLP – Congas

GLP – Congas

Deep House, Tribal House


  • In the history of modern music it is very hard to find a genre as progressive as Drum & Bass. In just a few decades, this unbounded style crossed physical and mental confines from motherland UK to USA, Asian and Australia so it could go beyond the endless variety and create a phenomenal sense of togetherness and totally unique global family. Now arrives the ultimate opportunity to set the most important milestones of this electronic music evolution together - announcing the new face of Young NRG Productions with debuts tracks and new producers!

  • The criteria are that the album must have been published (including self-publishing by the artist), and the album must have achieved at least a diamond certification from the o2digitale. 12 million downloads and shares in 2017-2018.

  • Funky/Club House › Bestsellers › This Week 2nd and 3rd position Juno Download STEX - NRG Top10 Tracks 2018 - Dasya - NRG Top10 Tracks 2018

  • Review: Young NRG Productions regular GLP returns to the label with his first album in four years, a varied trip through many styles of contemporary dance music which combines a savvy sense of adventure with a big room sound. Like his last album Tribals, ethnic percussion is a big feature across many of the tracks, with "Havana" and "Tribal Village" providing some particularly exciting rhythmic moments. However, these are joined by darker, clubbier moments of furious acid and chugging techno such as "Acid Inda House" and "Vortex" which provide some much needed balanced to the lighter, funkier side of the album.

  • Review: We've seen an upsurge in activity from GLP ever since he returned with album Pump The Bass last June. "Hopi" is the latest installment in a string of post album singles, and comes in two forms. The standard club mix sees vintage bongo and brass samples welded to a strong and funky rolling behemoth. Best though, is the tribal mix, with its epic suspended synth pads and delays swirling around a tough thumping backbone. Guaranteed dancefloor ammo.

  • Review: Super prolific Young NRG Productions bossguy Stex slaps down his second album of the year. The title says it all: Spirit Of Funk: A document that spans Miami bass boogie rap ("G Funk"), lean beatbox mid 2000s garage breaks ("Tart Chopper"), medina-level sleazy drum funk ("Do It"), turbo-powered disco damage ("C'Mon Baby") and switchblade amen charged jungle funk ("Go It"). With stacks more Stex magic in between, it's yet another muscular dispatch from the relentless label head

  • top10 Mixes Beatport STEX-THE BEST OF NRG DISCO FUNK MIX - Top 10 Charted

Jungle DepartmentCRAZY SUMMER (EDITION2020)